The NPSF School yard: Slide tackles, horse hurdles & gangnam style

Now the Olympics are almost over (almost, we still may have a few sports lined up next week) and the kid’s are all back to school, we figured we’d accept the Tribe’s Friday Flattitude for once and take them for a Recess break instead of Friday Hills (for a Flattitude explanation, check this out). This morning, we took to Hellman Hollow to do more unique sports than we had for the rest of the Olympic month. In the midst of our Red vs Blue/Phelps vs Bolt/Biles vs Ledecky Capture the Flag game, it broke down into a full on football match, with slide tackles happening all over the shop. Things got pretty heated. But don’t worry, Steve Peach’s glasses are just fine. SIDENOTE: join the tracker and sign the waivers!

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.26.26 AM

There was the 106 metre hurdle relay. And then onto the show-jumping…



… wheel-barrowing racing (yeah it’s a sport!)…


… a bit of planking duck duck goose.


And to top it all off, Ali Higgins & Co cooked up a storm with enough calories to feed the Irish Olympic team. Big ups to the breakfast club!

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.27.16 AM

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