The Not-So-Shiny (BAL)

#CITYGLOW this past weekend was more than we could have hoped and dreamed it would be. We were (and are) on such a high: the largest-ever #NP_BAL event was pulled off because all of your beautiful faces were present. And when we finally got to sleep, we woke up in the morning to an anonymous email that blew our minds. It said a lot of wonderful and inspiring things, but one of them saying: “we see you in the shiny and the not-so-shiny moments.” And that struck a cord of truth and #realtalk, because that’s how I feel about the tribe.


We see you when you #justshowup for your first or hundredth time. We see you decked out in your triple jackets, ready for a hug. We see you not holding plank (*cough*Bobby*cough*). We see you making friends and holding conversations with newbies. We see you sharing exciting news with the tribe. We see you on your weekend long runs, at races, and around this city. We see you when you have a bad day. We see you when you have a good day. We see you in times of need and in times of success. We see you through the tears, the laughter, and the morning yawns. We see you in the shiny and the not-so-shiny moments.

We see you because you see us. 

You see what we are trying to do and make here in Baltimore City. You see what November Project is about and embrace it full-force. You see the desire for us to “pollinate our communities with passion and positivity” and you do it whole-heartedly. You see what needs to be done, and you do it no questions asked.

You see us because we see you. 

Welcome to a group that is unlike any other: a group that is okay to be shiny and not-so-shiny together. A group willing to embrace and empower and enlighten. A group called November Project Baltimore. Thank you for being my daily inspiration.



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