The morning Sam was a wee dodgy

Sammy, We missed you !!

Maybe we missed you because you were up little too late watching the raptors fate


Or maybe missed you because you had a tinder date


Or maybe it was just because you crushed  Sunday’s run


Where after maybe you had a little too much fun



We were slightly afraid you maybe had been deported


Or maybe you didn’t get your outfit all sorted.

Nevertheless, this morning we missed seeing those beautiful gams


We missed your skin, white as snow


And that famous butt, we all know


We missed your whilst, reckon, trousers, bollock and bloke.


We were definitely all gutted this morning that you hadn’t woke.

Sam, we totally missed you! You are the bee’s knees, the dog’s bollocks, mate! NP without you is weird. My bouncing skills aren’t quite up to par and it just sounds so much better in a British accent. And really you are our Brit !!! (I also really just wanted to stand next to you so I could feel even better about my tan hehehe) Hope in your late awake, you still had time for your peas and porridge! We love you !!!!!!

Now down to business:

  • Destination pop up this Friday at Riverdale Park East!!! My favourite hill is there, and it’s a bit of doozy. There will be a few of the B-word (and there are two b-words, you’ll know what I mean Friday). Meet at the track at 630am! Bring a friend!
  • The usual race reminders, Rattlesnake point, Summit! Get signed up!!!
  • Congrats to all those who raced on Sunday, so many PBs !!!
  • PS. I had a great video of Sam’s keg stand but I am technically challenged and couldn’t upload it, so sad.
  • PPS. So happy to see all your smiling, hard working faces again !!!
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