The Meet Up

Rumors have been swirling for a long time about November Project.

“It’s really a dating group.”

“Best place to hook up in Boston.”

“Everyone’s so fit and good looking.”

“There will be babies.*”

Until now, all the rumors have been just that.  But the typical “hill” workout on Friday mornings in Boston became the world’s greatest new dating service today.

We bring you “The Meet Up.”

People from around the city of Boston and greater Boston area show up at the top of Summit Avenue on Friday mornings, 6:29am.  They randomly pair up with anyone they don’t know, and begin a workout of running hills down and up the big front hill, and down & up the less big back hill.  When the new partners see each other again, they stop running, drop to the ground on the sidewalk (and sometimes on the street) and do 10 pushups.  They run and run, always stopping together when they meet up on the hill, for more pushups.  Scores are tracked together, and new friendships of the book of faces (+ any and all social platforms) are strongly encouraged (read “required by NP co-leader Deniz Karawoiuoukjslkwelou.”).  Initial projections shared by NP co-leader group #DEE, regarding the success of the service are optimistic, with estimates of domestic partnership and engagements reaching high into the 3s or 4s and a strong forecast of babies by summer 2016.

The reviews of the newest, sweatiest dating service in town are mixed.  Mostly positive with weird sprinkled in heavy doses.

“I didn’t even know I was dating.”  –Ben, age 26

“The Meet Up changed my life.  Thursday I didn’t know who I was.  But at 6:32am Friday morning, I not only met my partner, I met myself for the first time.” –A.H., age 31

“Fuck yeah! BOOM! I met uuuuuup.  Fuck yeah!  I’m gonna Meet Up every day. #MeetUpEverything.  I mean #MeatUpEveryone. Fuck yeah!” –Danny, age 23

“I’m rather uncomfortable with everyone talking about dating.  I thought this was a fitness group, dammit.  Brogan and the other guy said this would never happen.  I’m not prepared to deal with this.  Oh shit.  Shit, shit…wait, I don’t have a partner!” –HR Karl, age None of your damn business

Check it out on our new app, “NP Meet Up.”  You can pre-select your partners for partner workouts.  We promote #community #love and #freefitness.  And, bonus features: #itsnotacult.

The hills were super friendly this morning.  They were huggy, sweaty, and filled with social, fitness-y love. BOOM.

group photo


…and get to NP Summit.  It will be Sept 24-26, 2015 in Park City, Utah.  Stop thinking about it and #JustShowUp to the greatest Meet Up of all time–#21HumpBeat tribes gathering for the most amazing, social, fitness-filled days of your lives.  There aren’t words for it, it’s just something you do not want to miss.  I will be there.  I #verbal.  You will be there.  Put your big kid pants on, put your flip-up hat on, put your flip-up shades on, put your #grassrootsgear on, put your straight face on, put your  and #verbal for it now.  See deeeeetails here.

…and #JustShowUp to Monday’s Destination Deck.  It will be on Carson Beach.  That’s right, THE BEACH.  Bring your self, bring swimmies, bring your bestie, bring your towel.  It’s going down.  The fitness will be free.  The hugs will be free.  The ocean will be free.  The morning will be 100% NP.  Just think sandy/watery/fitness-y fun & weirdness.  See exact location and VERBAL the shit out of Monday morning. 

#WeekendEarned people!

deniz evan silhouette

*Most of these rumors are fictitious.  Some of them are true.  And there are babies coming. #BabyMandaric

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