The Los Angeles Marathon (LAX)

Man oh man. What a Sunday, right?


About 20 members of #NP_LAX took to the streets of the city they call home on Sunday (along with a few more friends rocking #grassrootsgear from across the country) for the beast known as the Los Angeles Marathon. From the lady above qualifying for Boston on her very first marathon, to those that did not have the races they wanted – we are so proud of you. You brought life to this city on the greatest athletic stage that we get to participate in on a yearly basis. You held yourselves accountable and displayed tremendous discipline and strength. However Sunday went, you are a winner.


To those of you who ran your fellow tribe members home – the impact you had on their run from your sheer presence is appreciated more than you know. I can personally say that every single time I see my man Seth from Boston, he’s gonna get the biggest fucking hug because he rode out those last five miles like a goddamn champion. Find those people tomorrow. Hug them extra hard. They deserve it.


Last but certainly not least, our rambunctious #cheergang: there were very few moments on the course that matched your energy, and they needed 30 drums to do it. Your presence not only gave your tribe a boost, but every single runner you hi-fived, hugged (well done, Steph), and told emphatically that they HAD THIS… you pushed them towards the finish. A lot of people didn’t feel like smiling when they got to you – and most of them had big ol’ grins by the time they had passed. And remember…


Always, ALWAYS remember to go #toftb. DO GOOD, LA!!


TOMORROW – Join us at the Hollywood Bowl for our main event, 5:27/6:27 am as we always do. Verbals and location can be found in the handy dandy NP Tracker.



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