The long and winding road- BAL

Weather happens.

Baltimore freaks out.

The city  stocks up on toilet paper, wonder bread and ovaltine in case of apocalypse.

Cars are abandoned, parking spaces are reserved with small tables and lawn chairs, schools are closed for flurries.


NP_BAL moves to the left about 30 feet and keeps running.


This is why I like you guys…expressed in photo form.

Yep…not a clue

Weird things happen, like a banana showing up at a workout.


Or whatever the deal is with this inflatable dinosaur….


And sure, me doing handstands…why not.

Brief summary. You’re weatherproof. An odd assortment of inflatables show up at workouts. You have no problem being weird as hell.


I ask you honestly: What more could you want? And no, you can’t ask for money or a bagel with lox and cream cheese.


Keep taking big bites out of life.




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