The Law of the Jungle – write it yourself this winter!

And right after you are done explaining why the movement is called November Project, you are then asked “and you do this all through the winter….?”

Make this the winter of you.  Make your January 1st  resolution November 4th this year.  Make this the year you don’t wake up in April and say “shit”.  Make and keep November Project MSN part of your life as we head into the cold dark abyss they call winter.


1. Because the stairs, hills, and push ups you put into your body will keep you the energized and powerful tribe member you are today

2.  Because there is something so damn sweet about thawing, tired fingers gripping a coffee mug at 8:00 am

3. Because your office will need your post workout spark and smile now more than ever

4.  Because you can proudly say “you bet your ass we grind the hill year-round, and Old Man Winter can go fuck himself”

5.  Because will live in Wisconsin and you simply can’t fold up your tent and quit each time it is cold.

6.  Because a truly cold NP workout will unleash a primitive and powerful side of you, you will amaze yourself this winter, we promise

7. Because NP winter goers develop a mercury defying sense of camaraderie they wear like a badge of honor

8. Because ice beards

9.  Because  you have, you have! the ability to maintain your freedom over what you want to do and how alive you want to feel, even when the weather and darkness has seemed to make those decisions for you.  Defying Mother Nature and deciding what you want to do is a powerful thing, you decide that winter cannot touch you.  So keep living this winter.  Make this your winter.  You know where we’ll be, see you on the hill.



For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack   

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