The Ironman (SF)

Today was Jason Levy’s 99th NPSF workout in a row. Let’s think about that for a second. There are 3 workouts a week so that’s 33 consecutive weeks of workouts. Have you even brushed your teeth for 33 weeks in a row? Didn’t think so. On my drive home this morning I was also realizing shamefully that while Jason sits on the precipice of greatness, my own personal streak of workouts is…1. Yikes.


What does 99 workouts really mean though? The world was a lot different when this streak started. Here are some things that have happened since then:

  • The NPSF record for longest plank was like 8 minutes
  • #PrintMediaLives wasn’t really a hashtag yet and NP the book was just a dream
  • November Project as a whole was somewhere in the high teens of tribes (totally a guess)
  • Trump was still a word mostly associated with card games
  • Laura got #BossLady as her official NP title
  • O’McClayton foolishly invited me to get access to this blog
  • Related to the above, the tribe made great progress in their Remember The Titans knowledge

Joking aside, what Jason has done is pretty incredible. When I say #justshowup to people, I’m not expecting to see them for 33 weeks straight. Most people do well when they can get to 3 NP workouts in a week without sleeping in, making an excuse, or just deciding to skip. 99 workouts in a row is a level of commitment that is inspiring to me. It makes me want to show up–not just to NP and not just physically–and be present for all the people and things in my life I’m committed to.

Congratulations Jason. Thank you for all you do for this tribe and for being such a contributor to this group. Now you can get the tattoo you’ve been promising all of us. While you’re at it, why don’t you go ahead and take next week off?

P.S. Isn’t Mark pretty close to 100 too?

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