The Infamous Baxter (LAX)

LA has too many hidden gems. From the taco shop on Vine to the man in a trench coat that chills under the pier for a good deal, Baxter lives among them. When you picture LA you think surfers, movie stars, and eternal sunshine (sorry Canada). Not many think hills, well mountains. It’s as if the west coast is on steroids compared to the east coast with our mountain range that hugs the ocean.

Anyways Baxter is an NP favorite so liked that half the tribe still decided to sleep in bed this morning. They knew what a bitch Baxter truly is. Her sisters live in SF but she is by far the oldest and the toughest. Having been paved in the early 1900’s before any hill percent grade she stands at approx 37% grade. Woof!


The tribe definitely earned their weekend with the ‘b” formation. Heading down the hill and back up, back down to make a left to make a right on the Erwing stairs back to square one.

We love you Baxter, though we’d never date you.





Homework- Bring a friend to Wednesday’s workout.

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