The hills before Sunrise

On Friday we run hills.  We wake up early and show the fuck up.  Today, we challenged ourselves beyond the “normal” Summit Ave. ups and downs, with 10 pushups at the top of the hill going one direction and 10 wall jumps at the top of the hill going the other direction.  We run these repeats as many times as we can until 7:15 and we get our fill of #hillsforbreakfast.  I’m not sure if it can ever really become “normal” because what we do together in this free fitness community is extraordinary, but damn if we don’t keep doing it week after week, and we love it.

We celebrated birthdays with slow dancing (not awkward at all!) and a firework display of BOOMs. And the Positivity Award has a new home for the weekend.  All is good in the world of November Project Boston.

Which is good.  We need some healthy hills for breakfast to start our weekend off right–so that MONDAY we can absolutely crush the #Sunrise6kSummerEdition.  If you’re still on the fence or unsure whether you’ll be there to race your face off for the 6k…just say “Yes!” We’re all doing it and it’s going to be amazing!


  • Monday, June 8
  • 5:30AM race.  6:30AM race.  Come to either one, or both!
  • Course map is here:


  • PARKING is plentiful very near the race course, with abundant spots near the Christian Herter Park along Soldiers Field Road.  Get there early enough to park and get to the starting line.
  • This is a #GrassrootsRace.  You are responsible for timing your own race.  Wear a watch.  Use your phone.  Or run next to someone with a watch.  Figure it out!  You also need to post your times in the NP Tracker–and do it asap after the race so we can gather all results.
  • Bring everyone to this race.  It’s going to be humungous, enormous, and amazing. #RecruitEVERYONE.
  • WEAR YOUR GRASSROOTS GEAR.  don’t ask questions.

Have a great day.  #WeekendEarned

Good hills today. See you at the Sunrise.

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