The Gun (and Baton) Show


TODAY WE HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST POST FROM JENNIFER PARISIAN – an amazing, smiley, hard working, committed tribe member! Heed her words, they are indeed wise.

Welcome to the Gun (and Baton) Show

My November Project journey started a few months ago after one of my best friends, Milana, had told me about how awesome it was (several times). On her own journey of sweating everyday for a year, she told me the November Project was one activity that made the biggest difference in her knee and booty strength (we love to rock those hoisties and box jumps) and her overall happiness. So I decided I’d give it a try.

My first time getting up at 5am to get there on time was tough, and I had no clue what I was in for. But it was more than a pleasant surprise. Being someone who needs to be ridiculously early all the time, I was the first one there and was immediately greeted with a hug and good morning from Rick. It only got better from there with many “fuck yeahs” and “good mornings”, and quite a bit of running that I was not totally prepared for.

3 months later, my level of preparation has changed. In the past month I have given up my excuses of having bad, easily dislocatable knees and not being able to run because of them, and decided not to let them limit me anymore. This week, I managed to beat my PR from June by… Wait for it… 8 minutes! I wanted to cry with joy when I heard Tom yelling the time.

Every Tuesday night I get so excited to set my alarm for 5 am. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m so excited to go. I am not the fastest runner or the loudest one there (unless someone calls modified push-ups “girl push-ups”, then I’m pretty loud) but I love the energy and permanent smile I have on my face afterwards.

This workout not only makes every Wednesday an amazing day, and quite frankly my favourite day of the week, but has changed many other parts of my life. I twirl baton and am currently at the International Cup competition being held in Abbotsford BC, and the training from November Project has made my routines 100 times better and easier. I am able to push myself so much harder, and I can get through my routines without feeling like I’m going to pass out at the end. Over the past few days team Canada has had 4 or 5 hour practices and I have been able to get through them easily, but definitely wouldn’t have had I not been at November Project every Wednesday since the end of May. Side note- Milana and I also led a “bop it” warm up with all 104 Canadian athletes this morning, it was pretty great.


I owe a million thank you’s to Rick and Tom (and most importantly, Milana) for quite literally changing my life, and I encourage EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU READING THIS to please come and let them change your lives too! Go and have burpees for breakfast for me and Milana this week, we are so sad to be missing it. 6:14 am sounds early, but is so incredibly worth it. Soooo #justshowup #fuckyeah

Ps. Happy birthday Rick!!!!

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