The Gift of YOU! (LAX)

This time of year is meant to be rooted in giving. Holes in our pockets and the financial stress later, we realize that it is not about the biggest box or the shiniest object. It is about community and sharing your gift, the gift of you, with people in your life. Sharing the best possible you, with an open heart and playful spirit. I’ve always found the placement of the holidays a bit of an inconvenience for the masses. It is the time that we look back on our past year and possibly think “I could have done better.” “Was I really my true self?” First, know that you’re doing damn fucking okay! You are you and that is most important. Take ownership of that. Christmas, Happy Holidays, Menorah lighting, Happy New Year should be every single day. Not for the gifts but for the reflection. Never wait till the end to make another improvement, start at the beginning and continue having new beginnings. Like a good friend that passes away are you fully satisfied with your relationship? Is there something that you wish you had of said?

Our tribes positivty baffles me every day and I can truly say that I am surrounded by wonderful gifts every single day. Angelo and I would not have imagined the magic that would unfold in LA! So thank you! Spread those smiles and hugs where ever you may be!


DO GOOD LA! And celebrate the gift of you!



LAST FRIDAY at ECHO PARK LAKE 6:27am. Meet at the statue!

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