The Full Spectrum

Near every brag-worthy quality of November Project San Diego was on display this morning at the Crystal Pier #Sunrise6K.  I’d like to review this list of qualities through my lens, because this morning, shit was really, really GOOD.  So, what did we do:

-We bounced in front of tourists’ condos while they looked down from their balconies, phones set to record.  Our positivity spread.  “What is this?” “Looks awesome.” “Hey, Peggy, come check out this group!”

-We hugged like pros.

-We started and finished a difficult 6K together.

-I had the pleasure of leading the front of the pack to the turn-around point.  Dave and Nick, the two on my tail, were putting in work.  They showed up for a reason, to push themselves, to become faster, and to join in on the tribe’s energy.

-On the opposite side of the spectrum, I ran in the back of the pack to the finish.  And you know what, I saw the same exact thing in the back that I did in the front.  Theresa and Josh showed up for the same reasons Dave and Nick did.  They put in the same work, enjoyed the same satisfaction, and received the same level of support and encouragement from their tribe.

-No matter the speed, or finishing time, our tribe runs together, and together we are STRONG!

-We painted a spectrum of colors on dozens of white t-shirts to represent in the upcoming SD Pride celebration.  EVERYONE has a place at November Project. MASSIVE shout out to Sam Lee and the all-star paint crew.  You guys are the best!

-Some random, awesome lady walking by the pier popped her shirt off to grab a tag!


I can’t say this enough, Tribe, we all do more that #justshowup and work out every Monday and Wednesday.  We represent something much larger and more powerful than just a work out group.  We have the unique opportunity to do good and affect positive change.  Just by rocking your fresh new rainbow #grassrootsgear, you are taking an important stance, and supporting the idea that we are all in this together.  Beyond the 6K, beyond the workouts, and beyond Monday and Wednesday mornings.


We are so damn proud of this Tribe.  For its compassion and gusto, every time we show up to a workout, tag a photo, give a hug, shout “Good morning!” to a stranger, and peruse the thrift store for goofy neon gear.  The positivity is undeniable, and it will continue to spread, thanks to the passion of this Tribe, and the fire behind all of your bright, smiling faces. Be BRIGHT, San Diego!





1 – Dave

2 – Nick

3 – Romero

MVP – Sam



1 – Erika

2 – Alyssa

3 – LP

MVP – Theresa


CONGRATS to everyone that woke up and showed up this morning.  You’re all amazing!



Last, but not least…

Wednesday: Wear you Rainbow #grassrootsgear – 6:29AM – Balboa Park, by the fountain!

Next Monday: We’re back at OB Pier!

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