The Fire Is Spreading (BAL)

Once fire catches, it spreads swiftly. Fire takes down everything in its path and leaves no blade untouched. This past week, I have felt that way, very strongly, about this tribe and this movement.

From the second WJZ news story done this past weekend, to the amount of love and support received after the discovery of stolen NP items (from my vehicle, not a workout don’t fret), to Councilman Nick Mosby #justshowingup this AM to workout; I had to step back and take a good long look: The.Fire.Is.Spreading.


I’m not sure if you feel this way. I’m not sure if your fingers tingle with excitement and you jump out of bed at 4:30AM ready to go. You may not, but deep down I think you do in some capacity. You live the fire, breathe the fire (yes, you dragon you), and #justshowup daily, weekly, monthly, yearly WITH fire. Keep the passion burning for this movement and/or something that means more to you than the daily grind. Cultivate the fire, stoke the fire, use the fire.

Drown out Smokey the Bear and keep the fire going. Spread it with positivity, love, excitement, and involvement in this city, OUR city. We are counting on you.

Announcement: Continue to do so and spread the word: CITY GLOW is 12/5/15 @ 7PM Rash Field. Our big blow-out that you are not going to want to miss. 

Spread like wildfire,

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