The Few, the Proud, the 5:30 (DEN)

I mean… what is there to say, really? You don’t get a view quite like that at most of the parks that we go to. Seriously! To have just two people show up to 5:30 when it’s like 50 degrees outside, is almost unheard of! Granted, Jenn and Corey are pretty damn fierce, and conquered that hill. You’d know if you were there too!

Oh… OH! You thought I meant that sunrise! Yea, that was pretty ok too. But 5:30 don’t give a fuck about your sunrise! 5:30 was too busy running hills, and sweating, and chopping wood, and wrestling bears to care about your sunrise! 5:30 was too busy becoming men. Err something.

For real though… other 5:30 regulars… stop it. Just stop it. We love you! And the truth is that Woody and I don’t know what to do with so few people. We get stage fright, and stumble on our words, and it takes us 5 minutes to get through a bounce that never even happens! So please, bring the status back to quo! I miss you so much, it hurts sometimes…

How about that horde of zombies that came across the hill mid 6:15 bounce?! That was a thing… That’s all I’ve got in the pathetic rambling department this morning. I’ll likely have more of it ready for you this evening.

Go out and leave someone better than you found them!

TONIGHT(!!!): Happy Hour Run. 6:30p. Vine St. Pub (17th and Vine)
We’ll start from Vine St. and run around City Park, ending back at Vine St. where we will consume copious amounts of alcohol… give or take.

WED: 5:30/6:15a Capitol Building Steps

5:30 don’t give an F about nothin!
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