The Dooster Week #PRDay (VB)

It was the end of April 2016, Dooster had arrived in VA, they stayed for three (four) days. It was fun. They should come back soon. Thanks Dylan and Ryan! Ryan almost broke the #NP_VB #PRDay Course Record: 16:28 (Chris Douglas). Ryan ran a 16:50 today. Kid can move!

Two workouts in one week! Crazy talk down here in VB. This shit is free. Two workouts a week will only be official when we hit 100 peeps at a single workout. That was the deal. Remember ?#FillTheStairsProject ? No? Well, read all about it (again) and then go #recruiteveryone.


Let’s talk about Today. Today was #PRDay, Raise your hand if you PR’d! Raise your hand if you #justshowedup and had a good time. (now put your hands back down before people in your office think you are really crazy and not just kinda sorta crazy).

Rumor on the street is that my other half (in this co-leader relationship) did #PRday just north of the wall (#GoT) this morning with #NP_DC today. Also heard a rumor that he forgot his favorite USS VIRGINIA hat. So if you see it lying around, please return it to Kris. He is sad without it.

Currently he looks like this without his hat…


He looks almost just as sad as us this morning when he didn’t show up to #NP_VB. We want Kris back #wewantkrisback, #wewantkrisback! We want the old Kris back! The one who looks happy! all smiles! Happy Kris with his hat looks like this…


Either way. You now know what his hat looks like. So. Come on home soon, Kris. #Wemissyou

In other news. Upcoming Events in the #HRVA #757 Area

This week:

April 30th – Saturday – StepUp at the Westin, Join Team Stairs for Breakfast – Thank you to Joy for setting this up!

Next Week:

May 4th – 615AM Wednesday – November Project Virginia Beach

May 6th – Friday – First Fridays Downtown Street Party

Two Weeks:

May 11th – 615AM Wednesday – November Project Virginia Beach

May 14th – 720AM 8K Run Saturday – CHKD RunWalk for the kids

also May 14th – 9AM-3PM Saturday  – Fight for a Cure with Crossfit 757

That is as far as I am going to plan your social life.

See you all next Wednesday. 615AM. Mount Trashmore. Get ready for some MAYHEM. Because, ITS GUNNA BE MAY!


Your top 5 favorite Redhead.





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