The Dinosaurs are Extinct – Happy Earth Day (BAL)

Wisconsin Notes

  • Rawr: spirit animals are channeled visually and metaphorically
  • Earth Day is all about connection and yogi phrases
  • Baltimore St. is just a bit cleaner thanks to the tribe
  • Something weird about tennis balls
  • A sharp lesson in dinosaur asteroid extinction…with freeze tag


Thank you for giving yourself the opportunity to get out of bed, connect with one another, and be proud of what your body is able to do on this Earth. Thank you for being goofy, for picking up trash, and for being kids again on the playground.


On this #EarthDay, the planet is a whole lot brighter, cleaner, and funnier because of you. Now, stop reading and go get out there! Look at a flower, take in that needed Vitamin D, or eat a salad, or roar like a lion. This is your Earth Day – get after it.




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