The Desert Giants

When we were “brainstorming” ideas for our tribe’s tag there were lots of great ideas to chose from. Luckily for us there are several iconic images that could represent state forty-eight. Yep, that’s right. Arizona was the last of the contiguous states to be admitted to the Union, which is a cool claim to fame, but not a great tag.

So it boiled down to these options:

The GRAND CANYON. Yeah. It’s here in our state. NBD. The place is absolutely epic and if you haven’t been here yet you need to get yourself here ASAP. It seemed fitting as a tag as we are the Grand Canyon State, but there are more than 1 billion year’s worth of rock exposed at the Grand Canyon and we weren’t about to disrespect one of the natural wonders OF THE WORLD by trying to make it into a 2D stencil.

The PHOENIX. Pretty sweet that our city has its own iconic symbol which we do heavily rock, but, like the legend of the phoenix/all ends with beginnings (as Daft Punk so kindly reminded us), it is a representation of rebirth and rising from the ashes. This might be the story of our city, but it is not the story of our tribe.

The SUN. It is indeed a fact that Arizona is the sunniest state by far, clocking in more clear days than any other state. The state flag even has the sun’s rays on it. HOWEVER, some wise guy went and granted Florida the title of The Sunshine State, and while it’s technically the fifth sunniest state (it’s fine, we don’t hold a grudge), we wouldn’t want to swipe a tag from any future Floridian tribes.

The COWBOY. Arizona is home to the world’s oldest rodeo and you can actually ride LIVE bulls at several of the bars here in the valley if you are up for it; but what about Texas? What if Texas joins the movement? And so like Florida (the fifth sunniest state), we left the tag for a future tribe that might have a slightly better claim on it.

Which all leads us here, because the SAGUARO? That belongs to just us.

Yes, the great and majestic saguaro can only be found in one state in our union, and we are insanely, obnoxiously proud of it. Their familiar silhouettes are on our license plates, they grow in our back yards, our front yards, and get slapped onto every piece of merchandise sold in those tourist shops at our airport. Saguaros are held in such high esteem in our state, that defacing one could see you tossed in jail for a year. A YEAR. I told you, obnoxiously proud.

So there was really only ever one right choice when it came to the tag that would define the Phoenix tribe, because like the mighty saguaro, which grows patiently and slowly in the Arizona desert for 75 years before it even starts to sprout an arm, the Phoenix tribe has grown patiently and steadily (but not all that slowly) in the Arizona desert for four and a half months, and today we topped 75+ people for the very first time.

This is not a real saguaro
This is not a real saguaro


Props to Dan the Man for creating this magic
Props to Dan the Man for creating this magic for us
Peace, love, and CACTI
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