The Definitive Irish-American Dictionary (NPSF)

Given tomorrow’s celebration of Irish stereotypes, we designed this morning’s workout to celebrate these stereotypes. From a “Top of the morning to you” bounce, to teams separated by whether they’ve made a bags of spelling Irish first names, to a four-leaved clover based workout. Right so we’ve experienced some translational difficulties in the Tribe, especially when trying to understand Paddy, Aoife and the few other Irish lads we’ve had at NPSF. To help out, Aoife and Paddy put together the Definitive Irish-American dictionary. No more complaining about not understanding the Irish. Just print out this blog and carry with you everywhere you go.

C’mere to me. Ever wondered what Aoife and Paddy were shite n’ on about? Don’t have a bog? Think they’re just messin’ around? Well, its time to be educated on some Irish colloquialisms, so you can join in on the aul’ banter. Sure, it’ll be grand anyway. Attempting to pronounce their names..? Seen them spelt on Facebook? Good luck.

Affey, Ouifee, Effey, Aoofaah, Paddy’s cousin? Patty O’Leghair, Paodraiiighh O’Laghriee?


Let’s just stick with phrases. Now, when they ask if your new runners are any use to leg it around in, or that they’re hankering for a bag of chips, you’ll be on the ball.

I wouldn’t be a chancer and call Paddy a culchie though, he might give ye a belt!

Irish/ American Phrases

Acting the maggot:­ Playing around

Ages:­ Long time

Anti-clockwise: Counter-clockwise

Any Use?: Any good?

Arse­: Backside

Arseways: ­Complete mess (I did it all arseways)

Bags: Made a complete mess of it (He made a bags of it)

Banjaxed:­ Broken

Black Stuff:­ Guinness


Bird:­ Girl, girlfriend

Bloody:­ Strengthening an adjective (Bleedin’ stupid)

Bog­: Toilet, restroom

Bog­: Country area. (Where Paddy is from) Can also be used when not knowing something ­ ‘Haven’t a bog’.

Bog roll: Toilet paper

Bollocks­: Stupid/Somebody one doesn’t like

Bolloxed:­ Very drunk

Boyo­: A young person

Brutal­: Terrible

Bucketing:­ Raining heavily

Chancer: Dodgy/Risky character

Cheek: ­Disrespect/talk back

Chipper:­ Fish and chip shop

Cop on!: Don’t be so stupid!

Craic (pronounced crack): ­Fun time

Crisps:­ Potato chips (chips are French Fries)


Culchie: ­A city dweller’s name for a country person *Paddy

Deadly/Savage:­ Cool, great

Dry Shite: ­Boring person

Eejit­: Idiot

Fair play!: Well done!

Feck:­ Used instead of the other F word

Fella:­ Male person, also used for boyfriend

Fluthered:­ Very drunk

Gaff: ­House

Gas:­ Funny

Gee­Eyed: very drunk

Gobshite­: Idiot

Grand: Fine, lovely

Hammered:­ Very drunk

Hot Press:­ Drying cupboard

Howya/Ye Alright?­: Hello

How’re ya getting on?: How are you?

How’s she cuttin’?: How are you? Predominantly used by ‘culchies’ or farmers, and refers to how the silage crop is this season.


Jacks:­ Toilet, restroom

Janey Mack: Gosh

Knackered:­ Fatigued, very tired

Lashing­: Raining heavily

Legging (it)­: Running fast

Locked­: Very drunk

Maggot (Stop acting the maggot): Stop playing around!

Messing:­ Playing around

Off your nut­: Mad, crazy

Piss up:­ A night of big drinking

Plastered:­ Very drunk

Plonker: ­idiot

Pressup: pushup

Runners:­ Trainers, Tennis shoes, everyday sports shoes


Shag/To have the ride: ­To have intercourse with

Slagging­: Making fun of someone

Snog, Shift, Meet:­ to make out, kiss

Thick­: Stupid /unintelligent

Wanker:­ A person you don’t like

Wet the tea: ­Make tea

Ye: You (singular)

Yiz/yee (phoenetic spelling): You (plural)

Oh and here are some of the attempts at 4 leaf clovers from this morning’s workout. Solid Strava uploads but some awfully bad and good titles (Kudos to Ava’s “More like a shame rock” title, and JMB’s attempt at the title as Gaeilge).


Andrew Ference clearly didn’t get the memo about how to spell “Paddy”….


Hills, this Friday. The sun comes up an hour later, so we’ve decided to move hills to a location in the depths of the Financial District, where Dan Clayton & Co have been up at work since sunrise East Coast time.

FIDI FRIDAY. 6:20AM. Outside Dan’s Safeway.


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