The Curviest Sreet in SF (SF, duh)

There’s a lot of mystery to our fair city of San Francisco. Some people live in constant fear of the next big earthquake. There’s bars that have stood the stand of time and restaurants that still serve recipes from the turn of the century. Man I feel like a storyteller.

One of the biggest misconceptions is about the more famous curvy street in San Francisco. The one that tourists wait hours in line to drive down and snap selfies on. Lombard Street. So overhyped. We’ve all seen it. It’s over before you know it. Buttt, there’s one street better. That’s Vermont Street and that’s where we were today. Officially the curviest street in SF (look it up!) and one of the sweetest hills we’ve got.

The tribe crushed it this morning as you can see below:





Get out of the damn road you crazy kids! Have a great weekend everyone!

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