The Cool Kids do it on Slides…

The idea of what we do (and how we do it) is forever changing the fitness game. What we do is a little crazy, and a lot hard. Its easy to stay inside, hit the snooze button, and dream warmly about Wednesday mornings in the summer. Its easy to hit the treadmill after work, and its easy to remain in a wintery state of hibernation. Its fucking hard to brave the cold, step out of your comfort zone, and tell Mother nature “not today.”

The weatherproofers in #NP_Chi who show up every week, despite enduring generally shitty conditions, deserve to be applauded. Ya’ll are some tough badasses… and we love every single one of your beautiful mugs.

Today was definitely challenging on a few fronts. Damn cold out, hard workout and reliving childhood memories. We took over our local playground today and channeled our inner-gradeschooler. The result was an amazing circuit of .15 mile loops (thanks for the measurement Emily R!). Stations of push-ups and step ups were followed by a chain climb, then down one of the most “corkscrewiest” slides we’ve ever encountered. (Dubbed, the slide of death). After about 15 min into the workout skeptic smiles smiles turned into huffing and puffing but at least we were still sliding our happy asses down a freezing cold slide, all in the name of fitness! We should note that no humans were harmed in the making of this workout… And Daniel Meer isnt actually a human at all, completing 26 full-on laps. Congrats dude, the Posivity Award is a special lady, treat her right!

We work hard, we play hard, we get healthier. The Tribe is Strong

Your Co-Leaders,

Andy & Brent

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