The Compass Rose

The morning always starts with a bounce. Sometimes it’s a slow bounce, sometimes it’s a baby bounce. This morning, it was a “joggy” bounce that turned into a massive bounce that ended in a “GOOD MORNING” and “F*CK YEAH!”


Minneapolis is heating up and so is #NP_MSP.  A new workout was on the docket today, a great suggestion by our own Carly Danek. We call this workout the compass rose because there are four directions in which tribe members take off in after drawing a card from on top of Gold Metal Park hill. A hodge-podge mix of 3 decks of cards were spread out face-down on top of the hill with tribe members gathered around them, ready to grab a card.


Each suit was associated with a different direction and workout: hearts = north & burpees, spaids = west & boat, diamonds = south & push-ups, and clubs = east & mountain-climbers.  30 minutes was put on the clock and tribe members took off in all directions doing the “crazy workouts.”  For an additional challenge, after every 3 cards drawn tribe members could complete an increasing number of box-jumps on the benches on top of Gold Metal hill.  After the clock ran out, tribe members gathered for a group plank.



Today’s positivity award was given from super-woman and tribe member Brooke Voss to our very own tribe co-leader Ben Bauch. Way to go Ben!

The tribe gathered for a quick group snapshot and went off again in all directions to back to continue their day. Way to go tribe, the workout was new and hard but you all embraced it, like you always do.


We “do” Fridays! 6:27am, UMN boathouse. Be there!

The Summit is approaching faster than you could imagine, check out this link for registration and more info on TNF’s Endurance Race Series:

We have a goal this summer: 100 people at a workout. #bringafriend is back!

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