The College All-Nighter (DCA)

It was a blisteringly cold day at George Mason University when Sommer first entered into the exam room at Mason LIFE. It was there that she encountered a fellow November Project member, and co-worker.


After much deliberation this co-worker was able to convince Sommer to break her leave of absence and embark on the journey to be re-administered to the November Project DCA Tribe.

Now, Sommer is a Cheerleader at George Mason University, so you would be right to assume that she has all the energy, pep, positivity, and enthusiasm that you would expect every tribeswomen to embody.  Sommer also has great strength and agility that will always allow her to get over the greatest of hurdles; however sometimes this strength fails her. 

Sometime the idea of leaving the warmth of her cozy bed is just too overwhelming, except when it comes to helping a friend with…….God only knows what…

It was around 11:20pm on February 12, 2015 that she decided that she would skip out of November Project just because she stayed up a little late.


 Even though she gave us a warning, we still waited… holding our breath… for her to walk out of that dorm and join us… but her mind was made up and she left us feeling disappointed…

So… To Sommer,

You may be a little crazy at times…


and possibly vicious…


But we just wanted to say that we aren’t mad… just disappointed.

We missed you but we still love you,

 Your GMU NP tribe

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