“The Cheer Grater” and other holiday things- Baltimore

12399084_10156426276805232_1857806488_n  We were trees, get it? Ugh, nobody gets me. 

I’m going to keep this real short and sweet since we have some big blog posts coming up. The end of the year is approaching and with it comes two full years of November Project in Baltimore. With that comes a whole bunch of “feelings” and “sentimentality” and other such words that I associate with the final episode of the final season of Dawson’s Creek. Yeah, you remember the episode. So just take a breather and make sure to read the blog when it’s really, really important.

So i’ll leave you with some Wisconsin notes: 


1. “Cheer Grater” was a huge success. That workout is hard. Rumor has it that Peter Jackson hit almost 8 miles doing a double. If that doesn’t earn you a big ol’ jug of eggnog, nothing will. Coincidentally, chugging eggnog is not a good idea. #themoreyouknow

2. We will still be collecting items for St.Vincent de Paul on Friday. Thank you to everyone that brought in items, we love you. If you’d like to contribute, bring one of the following items on Friday and we’ll make sure to add it to our collective tribe donation. Check out their website here. 

– new twin size sheets
– $5 or $10 gift cards (Panera, subway, other restaurants, target, Walmart, etc. )
– new blankets
– diapers

3. To everyone traveling or #traverbaling for the holidays…if you see another co-leader, go ahead and give them a kiss…they’ll know who it’s from. 

4. Most importantly: Next week is Sunrise 6k. This is our big, international race against all of the other cities. IT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL THE HOLIDAYS COMBINED! Check out the facebook event for more information. 


As always…Take Big Bites Out of Life.



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