The Century (NPSF)

Blog Post by the Century Man, Jason Levy, who crushed it leading his 100th NPSF workout in front of close to 100 people this morning. Talk about getting thrown in at the deep end. Tribe, you’ll have left the workout with sore abs and still pondering many of the trivia questions. Mental and physical workout. You get it all here at NPSF.

Also, huge shoutout to Aoife and Ali who exemplified the attitude of November Project’s by showing up and getting out there. Broken leg? Still shows up. Two broken arms? No biggie. Still shows up. So glad to see you both out there!

Kudos to Thai, who on his #traverbal from November Project Vancouver, stepped up and took a great album of photos from our Alta Plaza workout (and also some from Coach Buck’s track session).

Right, the blog. Take it away, Jason…


I only thought that Daniel Clayton was joking when he said that our tribe could implement a new 100:1 policy of consecutive workouts to one day of leading the workout.  Nope, it was no joke.  Today, I experienced the supreme privilege of leading this morning’s NPSF workout so that I could combine two of my favorite things… NPSF workouts and trivia.

Oh, and another favorite thing… PRIZES!!!  Yes, this morning we concluded the workout with a raffle to reward all that hard work.

In case you missed it (because it might never happen again), here’s a recap:

The trivia had three categories: NP, SF, and NPSF.  The NP trivia tested knowledge regarding the NP origin story, other NP tribes, and NP history.  The SF trivia might have even put the “born-and-raised locals” on guard and wondering where they were really from.  The NPSF trivia was a true pop-quiz of how much we listen to these crazy tribe leaders of ours when they tell us their personal information.

The reward for exercising, answering these trivia questions, and possibly being late to work?  Well, Steve would tell you it is a NP Buff.  Ali would tell you it is a Peet’s gift card.  Lydia would confirm it was well worth it because now she has a pair of movie passes.  And everybody else had a hope and a dream for those items.  Oh, and more importantly, everyone had a lot of fun throughout it all and several chances in the raffle.  Congrats to the winners, Steve, Ali and Lydia.


Some questions you might have really really really enjoyed:

The San Diego stencil for NP is what symbol?

What is the official flower of SF?

Paddy has personally delivered how many lambs (as in… help the mother lamb give birth!)?

Daniel Clayton is proud that he got this AP score on the AP Chem test… (I won’t repeat the answer here, but you should ask him).

Laura McCloskey had a booty shaking competition with which celebrity?

Josh Zipin has been a model for which major retail brand?

It was a great morning, yet, I never had the chance to thank everyone.  My motivation to attend all these crazy NPSF workouts is not simply to look better naked (am I right or am I right?!), but really to share amazing moments time after time with amazing people.  I’m truly inspired by each of my fellow members of the tribe.

Here’s to another 100 (but, no guarantees)!

Friday Hills. It’s Boston Marathon weekend and Laura is out of town, so we figure we better go to that trail that Laura always wants to do and is always out of town for. Presidio. Inspiration Point. It’s going to be a loud one. 6:22AM

ThaiTruong_20160413_0084 ThaiTruong_20160413_0085


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