The calm before the storm (BAL)

*Alarm goes off* “Wh..what? What time is it? 6:15? Shit. I was just about to decapitate that zombie in my dream, too.

Why am I up? Ah yes, November Project Baltimore meets in 15 minutes. #hillsforbreakfast, or whatever. I’d rather have crepes. If I jump out of bed now, I can make it there for the bounce. Ugh, Nick always makes us bounce for too long and too damn high. My calves are burning before I even start the actual workout. Wait. What day is it? Friday? Oh yeah, the Baltimore Running Festival is tomorrow! I should probably save my energy for that; I mean, I’m not running, but a couple of my buddies are and I need to be amped to cheer them on and drink a beer for every mile they run. Guess I’ll just stay here in bed for another hour or so before I head to my lame desk job and sit at a computer for nine hours. Good thing I didn’t verbal to anyone!

That may have been what ran through your head this morning if you decided not to join us for our oh-so-delicious #hillsforbreakfast. We get it: it’s below 70 degrees in the morning now, the sun is barely up when we’re done with the workout, and you had a few too many pops last night since we’re all still grieving the O’s.

I was once that person, too. It’s easy to shake off a workout when you think no one is paying attention. You say to yourself, “I’ll work out after work” (you won’t) or “no one will notice if I’m not there” (we will). You see, this community is NOTHING without your smiling faces there every Wednesday and Friday. Without you, this thing would just be me, Nick, and Sydney and you know how much I abhor those two.

November Project is so much more than fitness. It’s community; it’s accountability; it’s a chance for all of us to take risks, break down barriers, and love freely. Most importantly, it’s family. I have never been more proud to be a part of this family than in Madison, WI, where hundreds of us gathered to dominate the North Face Endurance Challenge and just. love. freely.

Remember: “this. shit. is. good!”

I hope every one of you who are running tomorrow crush your goals. Know that at the corner of Eastern & Linwood, you will find your NP family screaming, cheering, laughing, and pushing you to be the best you can be, both in the race and in your life.

Much love.


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