The Brothers Graham & #BeansForBreakfast

The Bean was jumping again this morning in Chicago.

The #NP_Chi tribe welcomed faces both new and familiar in a group whose numbers rivaled its largest turnout yet- certainly among Friday dates. The #3014Takeover is real. Notable among attendees were some of friends from the tribe up north (Milwaukee) and the lumbering brothers Graham.

This morning was hipping and hopping with great energy and serious support. There was plenty of regular hopping, too, to tighten those cotton tails of ours. Our central workout was an Easter eggs-ercise which incorporated a double-basket randomized workout with “eggs” of adventures and plenty-o-wall sits. #weekendearned.

The tribe is strong, and it is only getting stronger with each advancing workout and each warmer day. One of the best things about our Chicago tribe, highlighting the November Project movement at large, is its inclusiveness. This spirit was resonant all morning long. It is the community that drives the movement, and our Chicago tribe is top-notch. We seek out and welcome participants of all ages and abilities, backgrounds, and future goals. We wake up to support each other in all weather, working to improve and empower both each other and ourselves. We’re a five star tribe in a city of four. It is this shared community, of like-minded, positive, and adventurous individuals, that drive each workout. While some choose to rise when the sun is up, we choose to rise the sun. We chant, we cheer, we sweat, we hug, we smile, we have fun, we get in shape, and we #raceeverything. We’re a community of good eggs, even if we are all just a little cracked.

If you’re reading this, and you haven’t joined yet … come! If you’ve graced us once or every time, thank you. And come back again. Invite a coworker, a friend, a family member, a stranger from the sidewalk, at an Expo, or in a retail store. Or, come alone. Either way, #justshowup. We’re glad to have you.
 – K. Waz
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