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Some days the tribe  completely runs itself and Pat and I are relegated to tagging shirts, getting a mild paint buzz and  trying to decide  if we could beat Ben’s P.R time on a bicycle. We also briefly discussed Christina’s tights and whether we could pull them off. The consensus was no but it wasn’t unanimous.

If I could also have a personal moment: My two best friends woke up at 3:45 am this morning in PHILADELPHIA to come down and bounce with us. Here is a picture of them. Ok, I apologize for this personal aside.


This is my way of saying that the energy was unreal. Between 5:30 and 6:30 am, 102 folks rolled through NP this morning and raced like it was an executive order. P.R day is intense, intense like a game of ping pong in a sweat lodge, but not a single person backed down this morning.  You guys blew past the finish line, took 10 seconds to catch your breath and immediately turned around to find someone else to support. The tribe is a finely tuned support machine and at no point was that more apparent than this morning.

Keep spreading positivity like it’s your job. This shit matters, this shit works, this shit is good.

Also,thanks for sticking around to hear our extended announcements. Here is a summary of what’s going down:

Tracking Website: 

The tracking website is a go and we wholeheartedly suggest you set up an account. This helps all of us out in numerous ways. It gives you guys an easy way to track your data, check out a posted workout or the location and you can track your time and reps ( for things like P.R Day, Hills or any repeat workouts that come up). It’s also helping to bring NP into the future. It helps cover us so that cities can’t kick us out and other organizations can begin to get involved. We’ll get feedback on the success of workouts, what was good and what wasn’t and it will allow us to make NP more succesful. NP will be free from now until forever and will always be heavy on the weird and the love. If you have any questions about the website or the future of NP, please get in touch and we’ll chat the whole thing out over homemade  Kombucha and gluten free scones.

This Friday is HalloweenWear a costume. In particular wear a costume with a few components or accessories. This is a special Halloween themed workout. We’re all in on this one.

December 6’th: We can’t say anything about this event yet . But know that it’s homegrown, uniquely Baltimore and will take place from approximately 8pm-10pm. Mark your calendar, change your schedules, tell your friends to move their wedding…it’s go time. The awesome factor is high on this one.

November 5’th: NP is turning 3 years old and we want you to be in on the celebration.  Yearbook photos are happening next week at both 5:30 and 6:30 am. We’ll be fully prepared for whatever craziness you want to bring to the table. All kinds of creativity are acceptable and encouraged. Commit to greatness people. And remember our goal: 125

His photos look almost as good as he does.
His photography look almost as good as he does.


That is all. Keep taking big bites out of life.



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