What do you get when you add an amazing group of people that is our November Project tribe to 100, no 200, no 500 Lulu Lemon leaders, drivers, managers, and smiling faces?

You get 600 amazing people waking the Westin Bayshore up with a ton of FuckYeah’s and even more laughing bouncing.
I am constantly amazed by what this little “thing” that we do shows me. There is an amazing ability for people that have never met before to become friends, smile, hug, and just end up having an amazing start to their day. I am constantly reminded about how much you all bring to the table!

I am also really humbled by the energy that our YVR family brought to the party today. You guys were activators and leaders to all the people that were there! You smiled, hi 5’d and pushed those people that have never experienced what we are about, and gave them the best experience possible.

The number one thing I learned at summit is that we all have something unique to bring to the table, and because of this we all affect each other in ways we did not know by just showing up.
Thank you guys for being such amazing people.

Mr. November

Now for things heard this morning:


Wow, what a morning – so many people … so many potential new tribe mates … Let’s hope we won them over with our charm tongue emoticon

“Do you think we’ll get free Lululemon???”
“Graham, look how dirty I am!”
“I’m so glad you’re here”
“Everyone is wearing their best Lulu”
“Who wants a dirty high five?!”
“Where the fuck have YOU been?!” “Nice to see you too”
“We can see your belly button, Graham”
“You are smart men … Look at this ratio!”
“If everyone isn’t pulling their weight, then the boat goes in circles or at least that’s what I picture”
Vivian, I could tell that was you a mile away”
“Turns out we’re not made of sugar” ‪#‎weatherproof‬

Shout out to NPSD and our fearless leaders, Richard and Graham for once again kicking our asses!



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