The Best Wednesday in the History of Wednesdays (YEG)

I’m just going to go ahead and say it, but today was the BEST Wednesday in history. I know that my fellow coleader, Jennifer has extreme FOMO because every time she misses an NP workout, I get a text right after our workout asking how it was. Then she proceeds to tell me what she is doing, as if to validate that what she is doing is just as good as her coming to NP. Since you were all wondering if we think about NP all the time, even on vacation, the answer is yes. We do. I will likely get a text from Jen about this blog asking me what crazy thing she missed #donttellJen. But I’m not going to tell her. I’m only going to tell her that we did the upper bowl then took a group picture. In fact, as Jen reads this, she’s going to tell herself that nothing happened, but a small part of her will make her doubt herself. She will tell herself that she’s not going to text me ask (to try and prove a point) but her FOMO will get the better of her and I will get that text. The takeaway from this is that Jen misses everyone and can’t wait to be back on Friday.

Sending some love over to our New Orleans tribe. They’ve had 6.9 trillion gallons of water over the past week. But those kids are still weatherproof down there and killed it this morning.



Saturday August 20 – Sign Making for Marathon – 11:00am – 12:00pm

  • Join us at Hawrelak Park for some seriously serious sign making for the marathon. We’ll bring a bunch of poster boards and some markers. You bring your witty self and writing hand.

Sunday August 21  – Marathon Cheer Station – 6:45AM–10:30AM

  • We have an official cheer station for the Edmonton Marathon. It will be at Stutchburry Park. We’ll make a ton of signs and give those runners a ton of energy and positive vibes that morning! Be warned, there are a ton of road closures and there will be delays that morning. A great spot to park would be at Borden Park.

Wednesday August 24 – Commonwealth Stadium – 5:30am

  • The final chance this year to complete the Old96er! You’ll likely want to bring a headlamp.


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