The Banks of the Muddy River

Boston has some really cool places to explore.  Every Monday we make the city our playground and today was no exception.  We were like Peter Pan and his lost boys running through leaves and dirt, jumping, climbing, and crossing bridges.  We were only mildly disruptive to the normal pedestrian traffic in the little area of the Muddy River near Longwood.  On such a beautiful, sunny, and rather humid morning, the shade of the trees was welcome while a hearty crew of Lost Boys & Girls got found for our workout.

We ran a circuit this morning, including 3 big stations, with sprinting in between them.  Station 1 was ropes: we either side-jumped back and forth over the rope strung between two trees, or we did high-knee step-overs back and forth over the rope, and then we did low lateral-lunges to duck underneath the next rope strung between two trees.  We sprinted under and around a bridge to get to station 2: Lunges.There  we did awesome lunges all the way across one bridge.  Station 3 was bear crawls, which we did back across the bridge for half the workout and for the other half we did up the stairs and across that bridge.  Basically, there were lots of bridges, lots of lunges & bear crawls, and lots of sweat.  And I’m not gonna lie, (AND I’m not telling HR Karl) but there was also a little bit of slapping on the ass while people ran by me.  I was a traffic guide for the lunges / bear crawls / pedestrians trying to avoid getting rubbed by super sweaty people while navigating their way across the bridge.  And you know, while I stood there, some people might have thought the booty sticking out into the running lane was in their way and they swatted it away…I’m not sure.  But there was a lot of all that goodness today and I’m going back next Monday for more.  Anyone who managed to count your laps (duh we count everything!) record your score for today.

Rope Jumps

We also celebrated Super Liv’s birthday (Eric and Erika’s daughter) with a child-crowd surf and song. It was awesome. We’re not telling HR Karl about that either.

Liv crowd surf

Today is a good day.  I hope you all enjoy every bit of the day.  We’ve got this incredible city to love and enjoy, Live It Up!

Just to celebrate Boston a little bit, because it’s a wicked awesome city, and for some listening enjoyment while you read (or now re-read) this wicked awesome blog entry, check out my two favorite songs about Boston: Dance & rock out songBoston ballad.

See you on WEDNESDAY at the stadium.

Keep changing the world, Boston!

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