The Balls of Fury Train (IND)

Today #NP_IND barrowed a page from the #NP_NYC playbook: Balls of Fury IND edition. The tribe was divided into three groups based on birth month. We ran #UpAndOver Indian Run style and upon returning to home base, a group representative blindly picked two balls from separate bags, one with a quantity (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) and the other with an exercise (B=Burpees, PT=plank taps, MC=Mountain Climbers, TD=Tricep Dips, PU=Push-Ups, SJ=Squat Jumps, ?=Wildcard and D=Dance). The group dutifully performed the set of exercises and then the Trains went #UpAndOver again, repeat, you get the idea.

On the topic of birthdays, today we celebrated Taylor’s big 2-7, by singing him a horrible off key rendition of the well-known Happy Birthday ditty.

The ransom was paid for the safe return of the #PositivityAward, which was promptly awarded to Frank the Tank; whom you’d have to be blind, deaf or dead not to notice with his shocking positivity as he crushes the stairs, wearing a high altitude mask while injured no less. You are a beast Frank and we love you.


Next Week Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs.

PSA: We will clearly start without you. Not because we’re rude, no sir. But rather so that you can get on with your day by 7am, without a parking ticket. So to avoid missing the bounce, the hugs and the always crystal clear workout instructions, get there prior to 6:14am. Or jump in and figure it out as you go, that’s always fun too. Onward.

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