The Autumn Chill (LAX)

Okay… so “chill” might be a strong word. Here in LA it really doesn’t do “chill”. In fact, I’m sure the temperature this morning was a bit of a change from what we’re used to down here. As someone who becomes clinically depressed (dramatic) every October due to “Lack of Fall Syndrome”… this little chill was the best.


Sure, we certainly have some “chill” bros by the beach. Okay, yeah… that outdoor show at the Greek was pretty “chill” last night. You get what I mean though!


You were anything but chill this morning in the Hollywood Bowl. Whatever cold you were feeling as the sun rose quickly melted into some sweaty huggy goodness. All of the yes.



FRIDAY: Meeting at Baxter and Alvarado Street, 6:27 am. We are taking our NP Monks Vow of Silence. Video to come.

BETTER THAN BEDTIME: Sunday, 6:30 pm – we go on a 3 mi run from The Grove to an Unnamed Party Location. Theme is Print Media Lives. Grab your newspaper. Event deets here.

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