The Aftermath (NPSF)

‘Twas the night before Christmas morning after Bay2Breakers, when all through the house city; Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; except for the 50 BAMFs who said fuck it to sore legs, sore heads and that extra hour in bed and #justshowedup to storm the Fort this morning. As the rest of our city is waking up on couches under piles of PBR cans and with remnants of star stangled banner paint across their faces, the Tribe was getting after it with sprint-work-sprint-work-sprint-work paired workout of see-saws, quick feet/planks and pressup mid-fives.


That’s not saying the Tribe didn’t show up to the SF spectacle over the previous couple of days. Some highlights from the previous weekend of racing:

  • Will Oberle was the fastest naked lad to finish the course, potentially the youngest naked fella, and also managed to avoid a citation. Wins all around!
  • Christopher Wilson managed a one-man hydration station at Mile 3.5 (#1257Hayes) providing much needed supplies of Bud Light to the oncoming racers. Paddy apologises for checking that beer from your hand, Chris. Wasn’t quite the hydration he needed coming down Hayes Hill.
  • Luce Magoose and JMak ran the Brooklyn Half on Saturday, got a plane that evening and fly right back to cheer everyone through the Bay to Breakers course. Not content with only doing one race, David Miller decided to fly back from the Brooklyn Half to absolutely crush B2B on Sunday morning #nobigdeal.
  • Nick Buck (and JMak) hosted their #1257Hayes dance party for the 21st year in a row. This front steps party is also as famous as the footrace itself. The party somehow managed to restart 3 times after being politely asked to cease proceedings by the police due to the excessive amount of fun that was being had on those steps. Keep calm and party on #1257Hayes.
  • Alex Boches did not show up.
  • NP_LAX took over the racecourse with 10+ racers making the trip up route 5. Along with a sprinkle of Bostonians and New Yawkers, the #NewsCh19 was well represented.
  • Connor Green, the Google Cloud, provided a much resting spot for many post-race runners. Dat belly doe. So comfortable.
  • Pete Kruse, our regular NP_NYC visitor, decided to jump ship and not wear his #GrassrootsGear whilst racing. For shame, Pete. Though the poor guy did have to put up with 12km of staring at Will Oberle’s bare white buttocks so maybe we’ll leave him go.


This Wednesday, we’re coming at you with a speed workout. It’s going to be short, it’s going to fast, it’s going to be simple. Just show up to see what we have in store. All the speedsters out there, this is your moment to shine.

ALTA PLAZA… 5:30 and 6:23AM

This Friday, we’re heading to Mount Davidson, the highest natural point in San Francisco. Keep an eye on the Facebook and the tracker for the Google Pin drop.


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