That Party Was Off the HOOK! (LAX)

To my HomeGirls and my Homies,

That party we just had at our house, the Hollywood Bowl, was off the hook. My mom said  that we left a mess though and that we have to clean this shit up. There was too much sweat from all the burpees we did and too many scuff marks from the sprints we ran. What were we thinking when we thought it’d be a great idea to crawl on the floor like a bunch of animals. Some one must have spiked my juice. And to whoever brought the handle of melon Smirnoff that shit was great but y’all made Casey yakkity yak her brains out for the rest of the party. I will tell you that I am not one to hold someones hair back but for this case I had all your backs. We had each other’s backs.

I promise at the next party we won’t let my crazy drunk cousin, Hubert, disrupt the fun and yell strange comments like “I was president for ten years,” or “ you look a lot like Katy Perry. I know her!” or the best line ‘Orange was Frank Sinatra’s favorite color.” This is our house and we RULE! O’DOYLE RULES!

My mom said we can have another party next week, on one occasion, that we all bring a friend to clean up the mess. There were 86 of us at todays banger, a record. If we all brought a friend, and yes you can bring your parents (my mom likes company too), that would mean we would hit 172 people at the biggest rager known to MAN! (kinda) Anyways, I just want to have another kegger with all you folks and once we hit 100 you don’t realize what sort of awesome surprises we’ll be bringing to you guys.

You’re always and forever my Dooodz and Doooodettez,

Optimus Wine



RunFest–  Sign up NOW if you don’t want to miss out!  On October 19th we will be running the choice of the Retro (80’s) Run or the 10k in Santa Monica. Sign up with the code: NPROJECT to receive 20% off.

#3014– Today we reached 86/150! People that’s amazing! 86 tribemembers who beat the sun to waking up!

Fridays– Incase you’re way behind on the world we now have Fridays. Each month we choose a different location within the city/expanse of LA. This Month, Santa Monica. Meet at 6:15am at the Santa Monica pier entrance. If you arrive at 6:20 chance are we will already be fleeting by foot. 6:15am SHARP!

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