That Damn Queen of Hearts

Oh lady luck, how you hated some of us this morning. For some of you lucky yahoos, you pulled a Red 4, then a Black 6, then a Red 2, and so on and so forth through a morning of single digit bliss. The rest of us…well…I have one word: Hoistie. Yes, Hoistie. It all happens in slow motion. Like a scene out of horror movie. You reach the top, Rocky style, Eye of the Tiger blaring in your ears…or maybe it was just the beat of your heart, about to burst out of your chest. You stumble over to one of the three fortune teller stacks of cards. Breathless, you bend down amongst the sea of lucky bastards doing push ups and leg drops. Slowly, deliberately you pick a card, flipping with caution only to discover the smirk of that damn Queen  of hearts. Hoisties. Again. You rise in defeat, looking for a partner to share in your misery. No one makes eye contact. Alone in a sea of people, you look, and look, and then catch the eye of the unsuspecting tribesman who has just come up the  mountain of stairs, in the midst of their own Rocky themed cardiac arrest. Done. Partner, found. You hoistie together, your legs burn together, you muster the “hoistie” with as much umph as you can. And for that brief moment between hoistie 9 and 10, you’re the luckiest person on those stairs. No one else’s legs burn like yours and you’re still standing. That is, until you go home and your legs give way on the stairs in your apartment…and you curse that damn Queen of hearts the whole way down.

Awesome job today tribe – be careful on those stairs today!

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!!

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