That Can Only Mean One Thing (LAX)

You used to call me on my cell phone…


Seriously, why does no one pick up the phone and make a real life call any more? You were given a number today, a random one at that. We told you (well, we told the 5:30, because I have a peanut brain even a T-Rex would chuckle at) to shoot a text or a selfie congratulating that random number on a job well done. They were out there with you getting it done, and were also the reason you had the workout you did, for better or worse.


But why not pick up the phone and let them know with your voice! There is no better connection than one that is personal, as in person to person. Break through the screen and reach someone for real today. You never know how far that could go in someone’s day.


Do great, LA


Friday – 6:27 am @ Sunset + Westwood Plaza, near UCLA

  • Get ready for hills. Exact location in the tracker

NP Social – 3/30, 8 pm, The Next Door Lounge 

  • We hang out without working out… sometimes. Remember the password… November
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