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This morning’s workout was 100% difficult. Without a doubt. There is a reason that only 1 ( Probably 2, although Colin claims it doesn’t count) person has ever finished the whole thing in 40 minutes. Watching Wookie push himself as hard as humanly possible  made this morning extra special and i’m glad someone finally conquered that  15×15 monster. .

Other than that, I don’t really have a lot to say today.

Normally, when the tide is right and the moon is full I’ll have some long winded speech about how amazing you are and how much good you’re doing in your city. I’d tell you that the fact that you wake up in the morning is an inspiration to me and how even on my crappiest mornings everything turns around when I get to hang out with you all. I’d probably say how incredible I find it that so many of you have become such a huge part of each others lives, pushing each other to be better, faster, happier people. We don’t just wake up full of joy, you need people in your life to make that happen. 

I’d definitely babble on about how unique our group has become. Things like sweaty hugs and deep soul staring high fives don’t just happen over night. Those traditions give our group color.I’d tell you that waking up early in the morning, the rest of your city still dreaming,  is incredibly difficult and yet you make it look easier than Adam Jones in center field. Wanting something bad enough that you can wake up with almost no incentive other than a community of strangers and your own sculpted glutes is something you need to give yourself some credit for.

Then i’d say something like this.

We should consider ourselves very lucky. I know that I don’t do this enough. When i’m under slept, under caffeinated and over worked, it’s hard to remember that being able to work out with you all is a wonderful thing. The fact that I have two legs and can sprint up stairs  is a beautiful and easy to take for granted. I get to do it in a city, although not without its flaws, that has welcomed me and, most importantly, allowed me to meet all of you. Whether today was your 100’th workout or your first, consider yourself a lucky individual. Then go ahead and take all of that positivity from this morning and spread it throughout your day. People need it, the world needs it. Too many people spend their lives unhappy, staring at a wall hoping that something might change. Our community doesn’t hope, we wake up and make change happen, both in our lives and in the lives of others. Remember to remind yourself of that when you’re down and don’t want to get back up. You’re part of the tribe now and you’re nothing short of an agent of change.

might say something like that, but I won’t do that this morning.

That baby is better behaved than that hooligan Dimitrios
That baby is better behaved than that hooligan Dimitrios

As always, Take Big Bites out of Life.

Bmore Love,



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