Thanks and Stuff (NYC)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014.  Today we ran the bridge.  Today we thank those that came in the cold, in the rain, on their days off, from out of town.  The tribe is thankful for a lot of things.  For workouts, for PRs, for hills, for burpees, for positvity, and so on.  Going in to the workout, I was thinking what am I thankful for this year? What are you thankful for this past year?


Take the time over the next few days to remind yourself what you are most thankful for, and thank them.  Give them a call, take some time out of your day to go see them, meet them for roasted nuts in Central Park.  Just make sure you thank them all, every last one of them.

We are thankful for today’s workout.  For the burpees, the pushups, the mountain climbers, the bridge, and the aggressive dancing.  We are thankful for the 5:28 group AND the 6:28 group.  We are thankful for the family members we had from other tribes and the biological siblings from DC. We are thankful for the hundreds of beautiful faces that we see every week.  We are thankful for the thousands of people each week that workout with November Project.  We are thankful for the 15 other cities and what they do and how they inspire us to push hard, go bigger, and build this community strong.  We are thankful for November Project NYC.


(Somehow I am really thankful for all that dancing.  I think it was that my hands need to figure out how to be more apart of the dance moves.  More hand dances to come shortly.) 

FRIDAY: Herald Square, 34th and 6th.  Black Friday workout, so wear your best Ninja Black outfit.

WEDNESDAY: Meet at the grotto for #PRDay– Meeting at the starting line instead of the flagpole now on Wednesday.  Log in to the tracking site and get ready to load your PR in there.

 #NP_Carols: Sunday, December 14th.  Save the date, we will be starting around 3 p.m. Get your singing voice ready and your Holiday Cheer on.

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