Thank God for Black Friday Shoppers (BAL)

Because there was parking….and lots of it.

SO, before this morning I never thought I could be so like a character from Willy Wonka (the old version not the new one). Violet was my doppelganger today as I literally rolled out of bed and looked in the mirror, expecting to see a ballooned apple-like creature staring back at me. Maybe it was those five types of pie we consumed or that mulled cider, thinking we deserved it after winning those turkey trots, but that’s besides this point. Because what did we eat for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving? HILLS. Did we like them? NO, we devoured and loved them.

Okay, back to reality: Today, on the first day in the countdown to Christmas, we want to thank you. We are entirely too grateful for this tribe that keeps showing up day in and day out, making our hearts race and our bodies sweat. For a long time we wondered if people would show up that morning, crossing our fingers and praying that they would. But now, we don’t worry as much, because you are here. We are grateful for the dedication you have shown to this movement that got started in Baltimore a year ago and we appreciate you for being along for the crazy ride of it all. From newbies to vets, to dogs and their owners, we thank you.

Help us celebrate more by spreading the word about CITY GLOW, a week from next Saturday (12/6 @ 8PM). Be prepared to deck yourselves out, sweat, and participate in the best party there ever was in Charm City. Invite five friends because this is one FREE event that will take over this place.

Enjoy this time with family and friends. This is now your time. See you Wednesday.

All the love,

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