Tell Me All About Memorial Day (SD)

Memorial Day is traditionally a day to remember and recognize all those that have given their lives while serving in the armed forces.

Commonly, people view Memorial Day as just another 3 day weekend and an excuse to get crazy on a Sunday night, since most don’t have to work on Monday morning. But don’t forget, today is about being thankful and appreciative of more than just an extra party day.

You all showed up full force in your red, white, and blue (some wearing more clothes than others, welcome back #NakedKyle) bright and early on your “day off” and demonstrated just how strong this community is. All month we’ve been racking up Charity Miles for Team RWB and to see so many RWBers out today was awesome. Also, I know you were all very appreciative of the bagels, coffee, and donuts, so thank you to Joshua and Team RWB for those! #Merica.

Memorial Day is also typically thought of as the beginning of SUMMER (which doesn’t really mean anything here in San Diego) with Labor Day being the end of summer. So I have a challenge for you all:

What if you showed up to EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT of the summer? There are 30 workouts between now and Labor Day. What would change if you didn’t miss any? How fit would you be? How many more friends would you have? How much better looking and funnier would you get? 

So what do you say? Who’s up for the challenge? #allsummerSD is a thing, drop that hashtag in the comments on FB for this blog post if you want in.  

As always, be happy, be strong, and be bright San Diego.


– Hill Street was a perfect closing the May’s #MayhemMonday month of hills. And now we bring on June. The theme for June is…. (enter drumroll here)… Pacific Beach! Look out for a beach workout, Motorboat Pond, Tourmaline Street, and the return of the #Sunrise6k. As well as the return of Ashleigh! Yes, the crazier half of your co-leading team is coming back to us all!

– As usual, the first Monday of the month (next Monday) will be back at Kate Sessions Park. And yes, we will be tagging your gear! Donations of black, flat spray paint will be accepted.

– Wednesday is at our new home once again (the Bea Evenson Fountain in Balboa Park). ONE REQUEST: please limit the amount of “stuff” you bring with you. There is not always someone to watch your “stuff”, we move around a fair amount, we aren’t the only people in the park at that time of day, and some of you have a tendency to forget to bring all your “stuff” back home with you. You should not need anything you can’t carry with you (key, phone). Leave the rest of it in your car. Thank you, Management.

– Final call for Charity Miles: you have until Sunday to rack up the rest of those miles. The top male and female in SD will be going home with a brand new TomTom GPS watch. Stephanie Keehan and Dennis Triplett are killing it right now.

– Lastly, follow @novemberprojectSD on Instagram, tag your photos with #novemberprojectsd, take more selfies and photos at the workouts (especially you Joshua Christopher Weitz, you don’t take enough). Let’s break the internet this summer with something better than Kim Kardashian’s ass.


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