Teeter-Totter or See-Saw?

First, the poll.  Do you call it a Teeter-Totter or a See-Saw?

You know the piece of playground equipment that we used to see before liability suits became the hottest way to earn your child’s college fund?  The one where you get one of your friends to climb on board the seat opposite you on a plank of wood with handles, which balances on top of a post/bar or something about a foot off the ground in the middle of the plank.  One of you sits on the ground while the other just hangs out up in the air, and you go lever-ing back and forth over the post.  Whoever is on the ground pushes with their feet off the ground, creating just enough momentum to send their partner back to the ground while they fly high.  When the weight is pretty balanced and the team is working together it can be an amazing. There’s a rhythmic rising and falling–a testing and exploring of gravity, leverage, and everything so simple and cool about physics. And it’s really hilarious and fun.

But when things are off–it’s miserable.  Hop on that thing with someone who outweighs you, and you’re stuck in the air.  Feet dangling and heart racing while you try to figure out how the fuck you’re going to get down.  And if the kid on the other side has a little pinch of evil in them, they might just choose to let you dangle up there for a hot second, and then just GET OFF.  And you go plummeting toward the ground so fast that no matter whether you get your feet down before the plank hits or not, there is NO freaking way you’re going to prevent the wooden plank under your ass from hitting the ground. HARD. So hard you probably won’t walk right for a week.  So hard you black out a little because your spine has been compressed between that wooden plank and your brain, probably causing a minor concussion.  So hard you want to cry, but you’re also trying to figure out how to get off before that kid jumps right back on and sends you flying up so high you loose the seat and you hold on to the handle for dear life, wondering if you’re riding a bull or in a space shuttle because you’re pretty sure you’re about to be launched right off the playground.  Terror at both the teeter and the totter.  If you’re lucky you find a way off this wild ride before also getting paint-shard splinters in your legs and hands, because wasn’t the paint always peeling off on those fucking things?

I guess this came to mind today because of the weather.  We’ve been see-sawing back and forth between winter and some kind of spring/summer all “winter” long.  We’ve had some snow and ice, and we’ve also had some 50 and 60 degree days recently.  It’s all a little crazy and probably imbalanced because we’re supposed to have winter now so that we can have normal spring and summer when it’s time for that.  But when you see those 60 degree days, it’s easy to get lulled into liking them in Dec, Jan, and Feb.  It’s cool to keep out your running SHORTS and also have your base-layers available when you need them.  And on a morning like today, where it was raining for a few hours, then snowing, but not quite cold enough for snow, and then still snowing but slushy and frozen puddley, and also a little beautiful like snowy winter, it’s hard to feel balanced.

The workout today was a good reminder of the ever-important balance that is a part of anything truly good and satisfying.  It’s both hard work and also fun.  It’s battling the elements and it’s embracing them.  It’s doing what NP has always seemed to do–make workouts both great fitness and good hearty fun.  Make it fitness you’d be willing to pay for, but make it free.  Make it all year and all-weather, and give you an incredible community so you want to be more #weatherproof and #justshowup.

Today, we ran the hills of Summit Ave, like we always do on Friday mornings in Boston–and we ran our asses off for almost 30 minutes.  Slushy, slippery hills that make you question your sanity and your safety (thank you NP waivers!) but that you enjoy tackling because you know you’re badassier than those hills today.  You wore the gear to be as #weatherproof as possible but you also got super sweaty and slush-soaked too.  It was hard work.

And then we stopped running hills so we could hit the cross-country hill.  We sprinted, skipped, held hands, hugged, raced our partners, somersaulted, log rolled, (almost vomited), built “snowmen” that were not at all like little dongs springing out of the bottom of the hill, and got all the snow all up in there.  It was fun.

And that is the ultimate teeter-totter/see-saw of life.  When it snows, can you embrace the hard work and the fun?  When you train, can you find the joy in being out there running and in the community you keep?  Can you see the good times through the snow/rain/weather of all kinds, and keep the rhythm going up and down like a perfect teeter-totter sesh with a good friend?  When the workout ends with those perfect words, “Have a great day!” and I hear people linger-talking about “how fun that was,” and how “amazing this community is,” and how they “can’t wait to come back” it assures me that we’re finding a good balance.  We’re crushing the fitness game. And we’re changing the face of fun.  Now get out there and #RaceEverything and make it a little weird and fun too.  It’s what we do.

Important shit below.

  1. Good luck to all the racers running the Super Sunday 5 mile / 5k race in Cambridge on Sunday. Please race fast, be kind and amazing competitors, and make everyone who isn’t already NP neeeeeed to check it out because we’re amazing human beings.
  2. Anyone who is racing can get your racing gear tagged if you pick up your bib or show up at the New Balance store at 583 Boylston St. between 2-3pm on Saturday.  I will be there (outside the store somewhere TBD) to do the tagging.  Bib pickup is between 12-8pm, but tagging is ONLY happening 2-3pm.
  3. Monday Destination Deck is at the Rolling Point Park–right next to the Gillette headquarters.  See the exact location in the tracker here.  You can also record your reps from the workout today.
  4. #WeekendEarned and #TheTribeIsStrong
  5. I call it a teeter-totter.
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