Tears as NPSF sneaks out on this week’s date with Alta Plaza

Hmm, I wonder how am I going to bail out of this Tinder date? Wonder could I fit out the bathroom window? After all those mountain climbers on Monday, I should be able to scale the wall, right? My brother’s going into labor? I left the clothes in the microwave? Wait, did Zip just swipe left on me? That’s the declining direction, right? No left? Which way is left (Marisa Levine)? Shit noooo, did I just swipe the cute one away? Damn, I’m meant to be thinking of excuses to bail! Right, that Sunish guy just tapped me on the bum? Was that weird? Maybe not, these NP people are pretty forward? I kind of like that! But I need to get to work? I need an excuse! My grandma’s on fire (Greg)? Right I’ve got it!

Sorry Alta Plaza, but I’m getting arrested. Don’t feel too bad. It’s me, not you. We’ll be back next week though… same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!


This week, we flew through a speed-dating paired workout with press-up low fives, back extension high fives, hop arounds and back-to-back squats. Every now and then, the tribe made an excuse and ditched their date to sprint to the corner of the park. Unfortunately, our dates didn’t come back on the final one 🙁

On Friday, we’re hitting up a downtown location for one of the first times.

FRIDAY HILLS… Chinatown Gates at California & Grant… 6.22am!

And keep the afternoon of Sunday, August 17th free for a special pan-tribe event with every tribe in #NP17 participating. Facebook event with details to be circulated this week!

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