Team Angelo vs Team Orrin: IT’S ON!


This morning, out in the freezing cold (literally, freezing #weatherproof), with frost covering the grass, the Greek Theater got HEATED!  Competition was fierce, and the rivalry was intense.  The first workout of 2015 was no joke, and you all proved just how ready you are for a year of HARD WORK.  We’re checking shit off of our to-do list every damn day.


-wake up the sun with a badass family – check

-run up and down a hill, A LOT – check

-carry a tribememebr on my back – check

-get twerked on – double check

-get my ass smacked, while being bowed to (why Orrin, why?) – reluctant check

-chase down Orrin, attempt to bear hug and lift him off the ground (he’s heavy, it’s tough) – CHECK

-everyone motivate everyone (with positivity and a little shit talkin) to take on the new year full force – MASSIVE CHECK


– oh yeah, and hugs.  Lots of hugs!


Each and every one of you woke up today, and brought it!  HARD WORK pays, in spades.  You all earned you weekend, no doubt in my mind.  Now go out into the world, and spread that attitude, share that drive, and make LA a better place to call home!




#BiggerthantheBowl- Check out our new January Challenge. Racking up those miles, all the while giving back.

Next FRIDAY’s location will be announced at Wednesday’s workout, as always, at the Hollywood Bowl.

Set your goals HIGH!  You’re all amazing people, capable of anything.  Strive for greatness!

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