Team 1 & Team 2 (PHL)

So daylight savings occurred over the weekend and this morning we could see faces as the tribe gathered at The Steps for a Wednesday sweatfest. And a sweatfest it sure was! Mild temperatures this time of year have got us all turning and burning a little more!

We broke into two groups and performed, burpees, runs, lunges, bearcrawls and stair hops. It was a good, tough workout this morning, and if you missed it, sorry to hear, come on out on Friday for more shenanigans with the tribe!

Sharon took home the Positivity Award. This lady brings it every week! She is full of energy and smiles and just embodies the reasons we have a Positivity award in the first place! Congrats darlin!

Have a kick-A day y’all – looking forward to Lemon Hill on Friday!

Better Than Bedtime is Sunday Evening – meet 6:30 p.m. at Dilworth Park (City Hall) Dress in Black & White -Philly theme 101 Dalmatians – we will run to undisclosed location and have FUN for a few hours!

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