Teach Me how to Tongva (LAX)

Aright, grab your notepad and a pen, it’s time to learn how to Tongva:


First, you run through the jungle of Santa Monica, stopping to get your push up on with a partner. Frog hop up some stairs, and your onto step 2.


Next, crunch at the top of a ramp. Enjoy that epic sunrise as you grind your midsection up, knowing that it will only get stronger. Book across a bridge and you’re headed down to step 3.


Picnic tables! We know what to do with those. Crush those dips and move down to something you’ve never seen before: A rock wall on an incline… and it wet. You’re gonna need your hands for this. But once you’ve conquered that, it’s on to the final step.


Remember your ABC’s? I hope so, because you had to sing them twice before you could let go of that wall sit. And that my friends, is how you Tongva. Now repeat it for the next 35 minutes.


But at the end of it all… post plank burnouts… you can proudly say you’ve earned the weekend in a beautiful place with some fantastic smiling faces. And really, what’s better than that?

Do good, LA.


  • We have two teams repping us out in the SoCal Ragnar this weekend, show them some love!
  • 100 push up challenge. Totally optional, but super awesome: http://hundredpushups.com/


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