NP Tats, 82 People and WI Gulls

by Bojan the Serbian
Happy birthday to all our friends who for the first (and probably the only time in their life) heard murder whisper Tooooooooooddddddd instead of more traditional Happy Birthday song. You know what you got yourselves into when you joined this tribe – nothing should come as a surprise to you anymore.

With sadness in our hearts we’re saying fair-wells to some of our dear friends that we got to know through racing, hugging, and beer drinking. Good luck in your future endeavors and we hope that our paths cross again. In the same time with great joy and excitement we’re welcoming all the new recruits that are way cooler, faster, and prettier, than those selfish jerks that are leaving us for continued education and better job opportunities. So rude…

Check out our newest Tattoos of NP tribe album on November Project Boston facebook page. If for some reason I failed to capture your ink find me at one of the future workouts as this album will be growing each week.

by Laura McCloskey
82 people. 82! 82!

Make sure to look at her pants!

by Dan Graham’s iPhone
In Madison, WI we train to chase the gulls.

Yes this post is weird, and no we don’t give a shit. Happy Wednesday!

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