Tatooine Tri-Dips (BAL)

A galaxy far, far away (Wisconsin) notes:

  • Some Star Wars references
  • Syd getting weepy about the tribe
  • Important end of year announcements

Many a weary faces showed up this morning. They closed their eyelids in the early AM hours, day-dreaming about light sabers and jedis and our dear little friend yoda. Or wookie. We don’t know who is who. After a few meager hours of sleep, they opened their eyes and joined the tribe, only to continue their Star Wars nerdism this morning with Bobafett burpees, Jedi Jump Squats, and the ever clever Tatooine Tri-Dips. IMG_4344IMG_4361

The community this morning was stronger than the Force. It led newbies to the center of the bounce, bodies up the hill, and light saber noises to our mouths and actions. There couldn’t be a more perfect morning to say official goodbyes, official hellos, and give some hips in hugs. You’ll have to deal with just one Dad these next two weeks, as Mom and Dad 2 prepare for some cross country vacations, but we will miss our chickadees. Treat Dad 1 well – it’s not his fault that microwave dinners and hot pockets are his go-to. We promise he will nourish you. If not, there is pizza money on the fridge – use it wisely.

Important date announcements:

  1. Sunrise 6K: 12/30/15. Knock your socks off with one final #FREE race to end 2015 off right
  2. #ReimagineRashField 1st public meeting 1/6/16 6-8PM. Learn how you can share your voice here.


Love you all. See you in 2016,

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