Talking ‘bout Vibe (DEN)

I know I say it all the time, November Project is about the VIBE: gritty, grungy, wacky, wild, fun, freeing, nutty & nurturing.  

I talk about Vibe A LOT because it is what I value most in leading the Denver Tribe toward this world takeover directive from Corporate. Your LieutenantGeneral have had countless sleepless nights over many workout related items, like the quality/fluidity of the ensuing workout, the function of people’s alarm clocks, and the validation of the morning’s weather forecast. But what the Vibe really comes down to is the collective spirit of each tribe member that chooses to JustShowUp. 

It’s the new folks that cautiously approach the jovial group at 6:10A. Those who daringly set their alarm clock and boldly took a chance against routine. It’s about the regulars, the core of the tribe, who seek out these newbies and like a pirana feeding frenzy, assault the newbies with zealous hugs, providing them with a welcome that most will never forget.

The funky, fresh VIBE has also been enhanced with new layers that have seamlessly taken over our ears and eyes:

What used to be a playlist of B-Sides, 90’s Punk Rock, and 7-versions of the same Taylor Swift song is now an endlessly-on-point playlist, carefully curated by the First Lady of Funk, Julia Griffith. <3 (that is a heart)

Also, thanks to the selfless contribution of Morgan Anderson’s stylistic photo taking skills (and sometimes just her camera alone). We are able to prolong the morning Vibe deep into your lunch hour, enticing nostalgia and sentiment with your morning workout pics.

Of recent, there has been an extra jump in peoples step. Maybe it’s just the renewed life of the spring season, or the bond of friendship that has been consecrated through the endearing winter. Nonetheless, there is a noticable outpouring of raw emotion and unadulterated bliss that floats over this tribe like the stench surrounding Pig Pen from Charlie Brown:

#NP5280 -> This is You.
#NP5280 -> This is You.

That’s not all I have to say about that,


WED 530/615A (4/1) :: Act A Fool :: Capitol Building Stairs.

The Causal 530 Group
The Causal 530 Group
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