Taking over one bridge at a time…..


Well…I know its late, but thought maybe a couple days to take in what happened…take in the cool bridge we took over, and take in the new faces you saw, and the humans you hugged, would add a little anticipation. Safe to say, it was a successful first bridge tour, with sprints, and rolling the dice to see what kind of crazy thing you do while your partner runs!

Tomorrow, we cheer on some of our good humans that we call members as they take on the five peaks race down in fish creek! Watch for those pictures taken by co-leadah Rally Car Pete himself. Sunday is mothers day, which means more races to happen, and to say thank you and celebrate those amazing people in our lives we call ‘Mom’. Get ’em NP peeps, #raceeverything.

Wednesday we recognized one of our members, we have a name for him in the group, it may have to do with Ramzy….wait nope, hellz kitchen has nothing on this dude! He shows up, he crushes workouts, and yells loud, and he gives some pretty good hugs. We call him ‘Chef’ and he is November Project Calgary.


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